Family Stickers vs. Family Decals?

What is the difference between family stickers and family decals? Essentially nothing... seriously... We asked Webster's. So whether you are looking for family stickers or family decals, you've come to the right place.

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Custom Vinyl Family Stickers

  custom vinyl stick figure family stickers and decals  

Customize Your Family Stickers

We have over 11,000 combinations to match your unique family, and if you don't see exactly what you are looking for,
please contact us, we can make it for you!

stick figure pet family stickers and decals   zombie family stickers by Belvedere Designs

Family Sticker Pets

Any pet owner knows that his/her family is
not complete with out their pet. Our pet
collection is a virtual menagerie, ensuring
that your pet won't be "left at home."


Zombie Family Stickers

Always in style because they're never dead.
With 8 different figures to choose from,
creating your own custom zombie family
is a no-brainer! (Ha, never gets old)

skull and crossbone jolly roger family stickers   classic family stickers and decals

Skull Family Stickers

Set sail and proudly fly your Jolly Roger from the fast lane with our custom skull family stickers.


Classic Family Stickers

Quick and easy to order, our classic family sticker collection includes 7 stick figures in various sizes perfect for gift giving.

International Icon Family stickers and decals   international icon 2 family sticker and decal collection

Solid Iconic Family Stickers

Express yourself with one of 200
international style icon family stickers.


Outline Iconic Family Stickers

More international style icons in outline
with 200 unique designs.

Themed Family Stickers

Beach Sandal family stickers and decals

Beach Sandal Family Stickers

  footprint family stickers and decals

Footprint Family Stickers

handprint family stickers and decals

Handprint Family Stickers


Chili Pepper Family Stickers Example
Chili Pepper Family Stickers

Turtle Family Sticker Example
Turtle Family Stickers


Hibiscus Family Stickers Example
Hibiscus Family Stickers

bear family stickers
Bear Family Stickers


crown family stickers
Crown Family Stickers

**Belvedere Designs is proud to offer stick figure clipart.**

You can get your very own digital copy of your family sticker and use it any where you want.
That's right - unlimited personal use! - and it's easy to do. Just select your desired clipart option and add it to one figure. You'll then get your graphic via email when your order ships.
Check out the details on our stick figure clipart here.